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About David Tamarin

SUNY Geneseo Professor Emeritus, David Tamarin was Chairman of the History Department from 1993 to 1999, He taught Latin American history, with a focus on labor. His special interest was the Argentine labor movement and the origins and impact of Peronism.

Rebellion in Patagonia (Patagonia Rebelde)

Film stillRebellion in Patagonia is a rich, layered film that touches on a host of central themes in Argentine history and culture: imperialism, territorial conflict; the clash between the gauchesque traditions of the Argentine criollos and the ‘modernizing’ agenda of the Europeanized elites and the strained relations between immigrant and native workers. It asks questions about the nature of revolutionary ideology and practice; about contradictory impulses within the military; about the limitations — and dangers — of populist government. It is at once psychological drama, historical drama and political thriller. Continue reading

They Don’t Wear Black Tie

Film StillMark Twain once remarked that he was assured by a music critic friend that Wagner’s music is better than it sounds. In setting a context for this screening I’d like to suggest that Leon Hirszman and Gianfrancesco Guarini’s 1981 Brazilian film, They Don’t Wear Black Tie (Eles Não Usam Black-Tie), is even much better than it looks and, at least to my eyes, it looks very good indeed. Continue reading